Thursday, July 30, 2009

Noordin M Top Confess About Marriott - Ritz Carlton Bombing

Someone who confess as Noordin M Top wrote a recognition about Marriott and Ritz Carlton Bombing.
Noordin M Top makes a statement
on the Internet related with Marriott and Ritz Carlton bombing. Noordin M Top confess that he is the most responsibility people about Marriott and Ritz Carlton bombing. He wrote it in a site based on, it named http://mediaislam-b****o. On the date of post it written 26 July 2009 but, an alumni BIN (Indonesian Intelligent Organization) said that this post written on 18 July 2009, 1 day after bombing.

However, the police must make sure whether the letter/confess came from Noordin M Top or other parties who want to take a chance and want to distract attention. You may read the contents of Noordin M Top's letter in link Surat Pernyataan Noordin M Top. It is written in Indonesian.

Terrorists fight

Meanwhile, the Indonesian population confess that they do not fear about the threats from terrorists. Indonesia will struggle against terrorists and the struggle to restore the identity of the nation. To show that Indonesia is a safe country. In the Marriott bombing and the Ritz Carlton is just one toxic air drops of golden sea. One of them realized in contest blog titled mengembalikan jati diri bangsa.

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