Friday, January 29, 2010

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Security System With Automatic Fingerprint Identification

Bank burglary case, growing every day. To prevent break-through bank ATMs these days often happens, police will cooperate with the bank authorities, by offering an ATM security system that is more modern and more secure. Chief of Police Headquarters Identification Center, Brigadier General Bekti Suhartono said, several banks expressed enthusiasm for the use of technology, fingerprint biometric devices or "fingerprint scanner" for the security of Automated Teller machines (ATMs). "Some banks are willing to be a pilot project," said Bekti, the Indonesian office of Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (Inafis) Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Thursday (28 / 1).

Bekti statement, in line with the words Head of Criminal Investigation (Kabareskrim), Commissioner-General Ito Sumardi, about the police that offers ATM security devices through a fingerprint access to the banking authorities. Bekti said, some banks welcomed the discovery of the ATM security devices through the fingerprint being able to anticipate the crime burglary savings bank account.

However, the police would not name the banks that are interested to be a pilot installation of an ATM security devices, because there is no formal cooperation. The police will attempt to communicate with the banking authorities to make use of the full name "fingerprinte life security" and realized through a memorandum of understanding. "We'll wait how the Bank Indonesia as the banking authorities to address this national policy," he said.

Previously, Ito said the police and banking authorities will demonstrate the sophistication of equipment fingerprint biometric scanning to avoid break-through ATM customer's money.

Tools ATM fingerprint scanning has been used in developed countries like U.S. and Europe with the aim of preventing break-ins, because people can not use the cash withdrawal transactions without any identification of the cardholder's identity through fingerprints. Three-star general was declared, fingerprint scanning devices that ATM is a collaboration between the Police Inafis as the initiator and vendors (partners) as the banks that use device.

Several times police officials met with the banks, to discuss the development of fingerprint biometry equipment ATM's security. Based on investigation results as to the ATM burglary case, police had found there was a weakness in security systems that use actors to take the money savings bank customers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RI Government Steps to The Issue of T-Shirt Studded Eagle Armani Exchange

Related with T-Shirt Armani Exchange Studded Eagle, the Government had never patented the state symbols, so that according to members of the Government Commission House of Representatives, Ferry Mursyidan Baldan, problems in the use of the emblem of Garuda jersey Giorgio Armani fashion house can not be solved by legal approach.

"Our position is weak because the emblem of Garuda is not patented. It's better using political approach," he said. The government, he said, must take a role in this matter, so that society will not be provoked and to overreact.

underwear union jackSimple steps the government could do is to send ambassador to go to the company and ask the motives behind the use of the emblem of Garuda. "If only the picture, that's okay, it was not an insult," said Ferry. "Coat of arms of the Union Jack (British flag) used for underwear."

Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Patrialis Akbar said earlier there is an element of Garuda emblem patent rights. Therefore, he would summon the Director General of Intellectual Property and asked to learn about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giorgio Armani AX Studded Eagle T-Shirt Similar to Garuda, State Symbol of Indonesia

Coat of arms of Indonesia, Garuda Bird in trace by famous designers from Italy, Georgio Armani. Giorgio Armani fashion designer claim, the logo is AX Studded Eagle logo. Armani even openly display the results of T-Shirt design illustrated like a bird Garuda is in its website. There is little difference Giorgio Armani t-shirt design with a bird Garuda, the Indonesian state symbol. Different parts of the T-bird-like image of Garuda was made by Giorgio Armani is part of a shield. Bull's head symbol was replaced with the letter A and the symbol of banyan replaced with the letter X. AX = Armani Exchange.

Making logo t-shirt similar to the Garuda bird is reaping a lot of criticism. This is a symbol of state abuse, Garuda bird is a symbol of the country should be respected. As a top desaigner Giorgio Armani should create an original work and does not trace, let alone that the trace is the symbol of the state. Coat of arms of Indonesia, Garuda bird, created by the founders of the struggle by the people of Indonesia and is permanent, not a model that can be changed by anyone. Said one commentator on the social networking twitter.

But there are also commentators who support and even proud, because the symbol of Indonesia became the inspiration for a designer Giorgio Armani from the United States

Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracles In Haiti Quake Strange But True

Many miraculous events in Haiti quake. Believe or not but it's real. Strange but true. They are buried in the rubble for more than a week, it could be saved by a rescue team. This event is very unusual as well as good news. What is amazing is the ability to survive at a time so close to death.

Miracles In Haiti Earthquake

Miracles happen in Haiti after the earthquake two week ago. Three days ago Rescue team found a child and a grandmother who piled up during the week in collapsed building, can be saved by rescue team. And Yesterday a man can be rescued after more than 10 days buried under collapsed buildings. The man admitted drinking his own urine to survive from dehydration.

Dead mother and baby lives again

Another miraculous event in Haiti after the earthquake is the revival of a new mother who gave birth to babies who previously declared dead by doctors. Coltyn tiny baby and her mother Tracey Hermanstorfer in good condition, having been declared dead after giving birth. When Hermanstorfer will give birth, her heart suddenly stopped beating..

Doctors decided to perform an emergency Caesarean section to save the baby, but when Coltyn birth, the baby was not breathing well. At that time, seemed like a miracle happened. After the team doctor declared dead, miraculous event came, Nadi Tracey returned to normal and the baby started breathing. Doctors still can not explain this miraculous event. They say this is a strange and magical events. This truly remarkable gift.

Monday, January 18, 2010

FC Barcelona vs Sevilla Score 4-0 17/01/2010 Spanish League

Soccer match Barcelona vs Sevilla in the Spanish League, which was broadcast live on TVOne, Barcelona win over Sevilla, with the score 4-0. With this result, Barcelona stay on the top of clansman with 46 points, second position is occupied by Real Madrid with 41 points. In the first half, Barcelona vs Sevilla ended with the score 0-0. Efforts Messi, Henry and Ibrahimovic had not been able to produce a goal. As a matter of fact, Carlos Puyol could not play in the second half, because of injury.

In the second half, Sevilla defender made a mistake and made goal into his own net. A few minutes after winning 1-0, Barcelona playing more confident. Perform with the best players, Barcelona finally move away from Seville after Saviola nested the ball into Sevilla goalpost.

Barca was not satisfied with 2 goals. Messi scored his 'century goal' for Barcelona, after successfully using feedback from Danny Alves. Messi makes his century goal. And on 90 minutes, Lionel Messi scored a goal again and made sure of victory with the score 4-0.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Refused to China's Censorship

In order to maintain 'security', China censors search results of the most popular search engines, Google and China are at loggerheads and unstoppable again. Google finally decided to leave from China. From the business side of the decision to leave China, it will hurt Google's side. There are almost 500,000 users in China who use Google every day. But Google did not like the censorship of Google search results made in China. Google is the leading 'internet free', so they do not want their search results influenced or controlled by other parties.

China itself is currently doing a lot of changes in technology. One of them in terms of the internet. A few days ago China arrested thousands of people who caught browsing porn sites. China also has close access to thousands of websites whose content considered harmful to China, including sites that smelled of pornography.

The development of China's very rapid. Surely a little more to make Americans afraid. America does not want its dominance in the world as a superpower, unrivaled by any country. From the flight to the moon, to imitate a variety of products such as automotive, toys, household, until the goods insignificantly, China can do it.

Is there a relationship 'departure Google from China' with political elements between the two countries? Hmmm .. not ruled.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake 7.0 On The Richter Scale Caused Tsunami In Haiti

Washington, (TVOne)

Earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Haiti and caused a tsunami in some parts of the country, according to the supervisory institution of the tsunami "the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center" on Tuesday.

Epicenter, which had been reported off the coast, located on land, only 16 kilometers from the capital Port-au-Prince and very shallow at a depth of 10km. An earthquake measuring 7 or more have the ability to cause severe and widespread damage.

But so far there is not reports of damage and casualties yet.

Tsunami Center said the earthquake struck Haiti and the Dominican Republic's neighbors who share the island of Hispaniola, Cuba and the Bahamas.

"The threat of a tsunami that caused widespread impact, there is no historical data on tsunamis and earthquakes," he said. "But the possibility of a local tsunami could hit the coast, which lies more than 100km from the epicenter."

Two aftershocks occurred with the power of 5.9 and 5.5 on the Richter scale.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bus Ade Bayor Fired By Armed Gang

Bus Ade Bayor fired by armed gangs when the group boarded the bus that Ade Bayor with Togo's national team traveled to Angola, where the African Cup was held. As a result of the attack bus was boarded by Ade Bayor and Togo national team, 1 person was killed and 9 others were injured. Ade Bayor was deeply shocked and, still crying saying Togo likely will resign from the World Cup event.

The bus convoy was attacked Togo national team, while across the province of Cabinda. The players had to stoop to the floor of the bus with a face full of fear. The assault occurred during the 30 minutes. Togo national team players, goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and Serge Akakpo victims injured in the attack carried out by gangs who use headgear.

Adebayor concerns over security in Angola reverberated around the world, but organizers said the tournament will still take place. They asked all the team travel schedule, to prepare for security.

Manchester United vs Birmingham Score 0-1 10 January 2010 First Half

Manchester United vs Birmingham 10 January 2010 - Premier League.

Manchester United dominated the match for Birmingham in the first half. Wayne Rooney and friends pressured Birmingham consistently. But Lady Luck has not sided with Manchester United. Jerome, Birmingham players back numbered 10, create his goal. Score of the match Manchester United vs Birmingham in the half I was 0-1.

Currently the second half Manchester United vs Birmingham is in progress. Is MU had evened the score? Or it will be left behind even further. Let's watch together on your favorite TV.

Arsenal vs Everton Score 2-2 English Premier League

Soccer match between Arsenal vs Everton in the English Premier League ended with the score 2-2. Arsenal could miss as much as 2 times. In the first part-time through Leon Osman in the 12th minute. But Arsenal managed to equalize through Denilson. He kicked the ball on the Everton defender so deceive the goalkeeper.

In the second half, Everton more survive. Meanwhile, Arsenal kept attacking Everton defense. But things just turned around when a counterattack Everton, through Steven Pienaar who escaped the offside trap, he went to the Arsenal defense and no one Arsenal player who escorted him. With a slick, Pienaar can outwit Arsenal goalkeeper. Score became 2-1.

At the time injured Tomas Rosicky became the hero for Arsenal. Rosicky scored dramatically before the referee finally ended the match. The final result Arsenal vs Everton Scored 2-2. With the score 2-2, Arsenal failed to equate the MU points.

Friday, January 8, 2010

110 Transvestites In Cimahi Detected HIV-infected

110 transvestites in the Cimahi, West Java, expressed detectable disease HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), two died during 2009.

Superintendent of Permanent Secretariat Program National AIDS Commission (NAC) Cimahi, Afizah, on Friday, said the number of transgenders who HIV-AIDS infected have the same amount with the number of transsexual community in Cimahi.

"This number, could be increase because not all transvestites register himself to us," Afizah said. He explains, with a large number of transvestites who are decease HIV-AIDS in Cimahi will affect the level of HIV AIDS in West Java.

Afizah say, KPA and Health Department always work together with transvestites for the prevention of HIV disease spread AIDS with STI checks (sexually transmitted infection) and VCT (Voluntary Conseling and Testing).

Meanwhile, Field Officer of the Foundation Heroine Pioneers (Association Waria) Imelda Dahlia (24), said, as many as 20 people in the city transvestites Cimahi it has become the pilot project and BMI checks are conducted VCT Cimahi KPA before. Imelda said, all transvestites who became the pilot project and VCT BMI checks are not infected by HIV AIDS virus.

"So far 20 people have been examined and the results are negative, with the entrance of 20 transsexual friend in the pilot project is expected they are not infected with HIV AIDS virus," he said.

Imelda explained, there are four other cities Sukabumi, Indramayu, Bekasi and Kota Cimahi is also implementing a pilot project program checks 20 people transsexual.

Because of the transvestites have high risk for contracting HIV AIDS, the examination of BMI and VCT for transvestites should be done every six months to two months.

"We realize that the risk of HIV AIDS for transvestites were high, so inspection and BMI VCT conducted two months, those programs are free." Imelda said.