Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracles In Haiti Quake Strange But True

Many miraculous events in Haiti quake. Believe or not but it's real. Strange but true. They are buried in the rubble for more than a week, it could be saved by a rescue team. This event is very unusual as well as good news. What is amazing is the ability to survive at a time so close to death.

Miracles In Haiti Earthquake

Miracles happen in Haiti after the earthquake two week ago. Three days ago Rescue team found a child and a grandmother who piled up during the week in collapsed building, can be saved by rescue team. And Yesterday a man can be rescued after more than 10 days buried under collapsed buildings. The man admitted drinking his own urine to survive from dehydration.

Dead mother and baby lives again

Another miraculous event in Haiti after the earthquake is the revival of a new mother who gave birth to babies who previously declared dead by doctors. Coltyn tiny baby and her mother Tracey Hermanstorfer in good condition, having been declared dead after giving birth. When Hermanstorfer will give birth, her heart suddenly stopped beating..

Doctors decided to perform an emergency Caesarean section to save the baby, but when Coltyn birth, the baby was not breathing well. At that time, seemed like a miracle happened. After the team doctor declared dead, miraculous event came, Nadi Tracey returned to normal and the baby started breathing. Doctors still can not explain this miraculous event. They say this is a strange and magical events. This truly remarkable gift.

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