Thursday, July 30, 2009

Noordin M Top Confess About Marriott - Ritz Carlton Bombing

Someone who confess as Noordin M Top wrote a recognition about Marriott and Ritz Carlton Bombing.
Noordin M Top makes a statement
on the Internet related with Marriott and Ritz Carlton bombing. Noordin M Top confess that he is the most responsibility people about Marriott and Ritz Carlton bombing. He wrote it in a site based on, it named http://mediaislam-b****o. On the date of post it written 26 July 2009 but, an alumni BIN (Indonesian Intelligent Organization) said that this post written on 18 July 2009, 1 day after bombing.

However, the police must make sure whether the letter/confess came from Noordin M Top or other parties who want to take a chance and want to distract attention. You may read the contents of Noordin M Top's letter in link Surat Pernyataan Noordin M Top. It is written in Indonesian.

Terrorists fight

Meanwhile, the Indonesian population confess that they do not fear about the threats from terrorists. Indonesia will struggle against terrorists and the struggle to restore the identity of the nation. To show that Indonesia is a safe country. In the Marriott bombing and the Ritz Carlton is just one toxic air drops of golden sea. One of them realized in contest blog titled mengembalikan jati diri bangsa.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mystery of Ibrahim and blasting Bom in the Marriott and Ritz Carlton

Post-bomb explosion at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, Kuningan, Jakarta, a number of people reported missing, including Ibrahim, a florist in Ritz-Carlton. Some florist also be examined as a witness to know the impressions of Ibrahim. Indonesian police say, it is not possible the bomb built inside the hotel. Few or many, it must have the role of the hotel employees.

While the allegations, the employee involved is Ibrahim, a florist who works part time at the Ritz Carlton. Police suspicious because Ibrahim disappeared after the bomb detonation in the Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Through CCTV cameras, when the bomb exploded, he was there. He initially suspected as the blasting, but after the DNA tests of all the victims, there is no one to match him. Police concluded he not died at this time, but in a hiding place. Ibrahim's family said that they did not know of the existence of him now.

At home in the Village Sempora, District Cilimus, Kuningan District, journalists can only meet the wife of Ibrahim and his children. The wife is also worried and nervous because the husband no news since two bombs in the five-star hotel. Ibrahim's wife, met him last July 13 when Ibrahim went to Jakarta for work. He worked as a florist company in the interest of coupling hired Ritz-Carlton. Indeed, he always went home two weeks to Kuningan. then investigate a small house in Cililitan, Jakarta. He ever lived with his parents in the house. After marriage with the Suci, he also had lived in this house. Some children also said to be born in this house. Some of Ibrahim's son were born in this house. But the house is disordered. House painted white that is loaded with the spider nest is empty since 2007. Police say had a rifle this house two days ago. He really is not detected again in this house.

Some of the mystery in this house appears. There are two sentences in Arabic calligraphy on the wall. The note is actually normal for people who have been studying in the pesantren, or those who are obedient worship. However, the 'motto jihad' that can be defined by the police or other people. At home there is also a picture of two-storeyed building is described as a burn. There is also a T-shirt with a Ritz-Carlton swing. Somehow what the purpose of all this.

So where is Ibrahim? Still mysterious. Because this is mysterious, there are already allegations of Ibrahim is in the hands of police. If the issue is true, what reason he secured the police?

The loss of Ibrahim still question to this day. Ordinary people have known, when there is someone who suddenly disappeared after a bomb explosion, he could be secured for the purposes of police investigations. And the police will not publish it until the investigation is completed. Does he have such a habit as it is suspected that as people involved in?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sketch Face of Suicide Bomber at JW Marriott - Ritz Carlton

Up to now the Indonesian police still have not found the suicide bomber at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. Two days ago, police have succeeded in making sketches of the face is suspected as the perpetrator bombardment and also as victims of bombardment JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. Sketch face of the perpetrator bombardment of hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel is shown in the picture below.

Sketch Face of Suicide Bomber at JW Marriott - Ritz Carlton

Sketches the face of the perpetrator bombardment at Marriott and Ritz Carlton police deployed in all media and also pass it on at a public place, with full-feature characteristics. Here are the characteristics of the face of perpetrator suicide bomber JW Marriott - Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sketch the face of bombardment Ritz Carlton :

- Men
- Age about 40 years plus minus 5 to 10 years
- Skin Sawo matang / Most of Asitic skin
- Black short Hair
- Height 165 centimeters

Sketch the face of bombardment JW Marriott

- Men
- Age 17 years plus with a minus 4 to 5 years
- Skin white
- Straight black short Hair
- Height 180 centimeters
- Size 42-43 centimeters feet

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Tour 2009 Chelsie vs Inter Milan 2-0

The Match Chelsie vs Inter Milan in the Summer Tour 2009 to the United States, Chelsie dominate the game. Playing without Michael Ballack, Chelsie still playing beautifully. Even at the beginning of the first round, Drogba backlash was lodged in Inter Milan goalpost. 1-0 for Chelsie. Winning 1-0, Chelsie played more aggressive and even created some opportunities. But the position remained 1-0 until the first phase is completed.

Second phase, Chelsie over the field, the back player of Inter Milan desperately to banish the ball from the batsman. In the 50th minute, when crisis occurs in front of the wicket, the ball touched by the back player of Inter Milan and the referee reward prizes kick penalties kick for Chelsie. Penalties kick taken by Frank Lampar and he did it well. 2-0 for Chelsie victory.

After defeat 2-0, Jose Morinho entered striker Ibrahimovic. Inter Milan game quality improved. Two opportunities were created by the Inter Milan players, but Cech worked well. Score does not change until the end of the match. The final score the match Chelsie vs Inter Milan is 2-0.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MU vs Malaysia U-23 Second Round

Football Club's famous England, Manchester United return match against the Malaysian national team for the second round. The match MU vs Malaysia II is a substitute for the match MU vs Indonesia All Stars. But as the bombing incident at the JW Marriot Hotel and The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Ferguson and management of MU canceled visit Indonesia.

At MU vs Malaysia II, MU dominated the match. Even 11 minutes in the first round Dardob Macheda, young stickers ages 17 years old make a goal, 1-0 for MU. Five minutes later Michael Owen create the second goal since he join with the MU. The first Michael Owen goal was created in the match MU vs Malaysia I. MU winning 2-0 until the first round ended.

In the second phase, MU increasingly dominate the match after the entry of some of the core. Amri Yahya Malaysia striker who print 2 goals in the match MU vs Malaysia first round, this time he was not lucky, no goal created by him at MU vs Malaysia II. However, there is no change of score until the match ended. Final score of the match MU vs Malaysia 2 is a 2-0 for MU.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terror Bombing At The Four Seasons Hotel

Bomb terror at the Four Seasons hotel made by someone unknown this morning. Threats sent via phone that receiver by Four Seasons Hotel receptionist. Gegana Team Polda Metro Jaya continue investigations in the vicinity of Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, which gets bomb threat terror, approximately at 07.30 West Indonesia Time, Sunday 19 July 2009. The caller said there are bombs in the Four Seasons hotel, 18th floor will be immediately exploded. The Four Seasons hotel contact police immediately, and the Gegana team come a few minutes later.

After conducting the investigation for several hours, the team found no bomb Gegana is. According to police, after two bombs exploded in the Mega Kuningan area, Friday, which killed nine people and 55 other people injured, every bomb threat will be handled seriously. Jakarta's still in a standby condition / status siaga.

Standby status is also done in Bali, Surabaya, Medan and several other large cities in Indonesia.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United Vs Malaysia National Team, Score 3-2

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Rivalry football Manchester United Vs Malaysia under 23 national team, MU Asian Tour program was very interesting. Malaysia did a heroic resistance against Manchester United. But on 15th minutes Wayne Rooney successfully made a goal into Malaysia, which is guarded by Fahrizal. At a few minutes later, MU works to improve the game and they made some opportunities, until finally, Nani break hurdle Malaysia. 2-0 to MU.

Manchester United vs Malaysia National Team increasingly fierce. Lag 2-0 didn't make Malaysia Team quail. The working hard of Malaysia Team made some opportunities. One opportunity that was almost hurdle Van De Sar is a backlash from Amri Yahya. Just minutes on end the first round, Amri Yahya who guarded by the 2 MU back players successfully pass the ball to wicket Van De Sar from distance that is far enough. Amri Yahya made goal for Malaysia. Amri Yahya's goal was a very nice goal. Amri Yahya backlash directed to the far goalpost mast MU and Van De Saar can not reach the ball. The end score of MU vs Malaysia Under 23 at first round ended was 2-1.

Several minutes beginning the second phase Amri Yahya made the second goal, Amry Yahya successfully deceive goalkeeper MU. Goal Amri Yahya was created with a very very beautiful. The score of Manchester United Vs Malaysia become 2-2.

Second round the match MU vs Malaysia almost 50% of Malaysia under the ball. At the beginning 10 minutes to the second round, Ferguson replace 4 players at once. Wayne Roney, Berbatoc drawn out, Gigs and Michael Owen entry.

Michael Owen finally determines a victory in the match MU vs Malaysia friendship on the last minutes of second round. Final score MU vs Malaysia is 3-2 to MU victory over Malaysia.

You may see the video here, Goal Process MU vs Malaysia U-23.

Friday, July 17, 2009

SBY Condemns The Marriott Bombardment

In his speech responding to bomb explosion at the Marriot hotel, SBY condemns the bombardment in Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Marriott tragedy killed and harm the people who does not sin. This disrupt the economy. Surprising news was delivered in SBY's speech is, political temperature done by the elite politicians in Indonesia cause this tragedy. The atmosphere is likely to trigger a detonation in the Marriott bombing. Even the President also displays photos of the investigation BIN (Badan Intelligent Indonesia), which depicts a group of terrorists who was doing shoot exercise. One of the photos that illustrate the SBY's face to be target of reprisal by terrorists.

SBY in his speech also said that today he got a report from the BIN that says there is a group of people who make a revolution if SBY winning the election, disrupt the election in Indonesia such as in Iran, impose SBY, occupied KPU building at the time of the election result announcements, and there are parties who said SBY should not be appointed to be president of whatever happens. SBY also said that that it is not slander but intellegent results, he said that he has video evidence. SBY also ask for BIN, the TNI and the police to immediately reveal the case of blasting bombs in the Marriott Hotel and Ritz Carlton this morning.

However, SBY did not want to accuse anyone behind the tragedy Marriott, he was asking all parties to thoroughly investigate the case of blasting bombs in the Mega Kuningan area. Cases must be decreased based on the applicable law. And after all was SBY asks for actors and mastermind behind the Marriott bombardment should be punished whoever and whatever political background. Hopefully the truth can be revealed as soon as possible.

List of Names of Marriott bombing and Ritz Carlton Victims

Victims of bomb explosion at the JW Marriott Hotel and the explosion in the Hotel Ritz Carlton continue to grow. There are 17 people treated in Jakarta Hospital, victims of explosion and there are 39 victioms of Marriot Bombing treated MMC Kuningan hospital. 11 of them are citizens of foreign. This figure is the number of victims Marriott bomb explosion until now, 17 July 2009 at 13.30 Jakarta time. The number of victims killed has reached 9 people and 1 of them are citizens of New Zealand.

list names Victims explosion Bom Marriott and Ritz Carlton treated in the Hospital Jakarta. There are 17 victims treated at Jakarta Hospital:

Data from

1. Maulana Sidik (21), employees Ritz-Carlton Hotel, residents Prapatan Tegal Parang, Jakarta, is still in state care.
2. Aryo (31), employees Ritz-Carlton Hotel, residents Bintaro Sector 9, is still in state care.
3. Edward Thielsen, employees Erlangga Kitchen JW Marriott Hotel, still in state care.
4. David Petter, still in the status of care in the operating room.
5. Beni Purwanto, officer JW Marriott Hotel, still in state care.
6. Adri (23), status is still in care.
7. Dikdik Ahmad Taufik (39), citizen Srengseng Bambu I, still in state care.
8. Dewi Lestari (22), Panin Bank employees, citizens Jl Tantular MPU, has returned.
9. Ririn (25), pegawati Panin Bank, has returned.

List the names of victims of bomb explosion in Marriott Hotel and names of the victims of Ritz Carlton Bombing treated in the MMC Kuningan hospital. There are 39 blast victims treated at the MMC hospital Kuningan but only 29 names that can be reported. 10 others not listed yet.

1. Adrianto Makhnbu

2. Catur Rindu

3. Cho Sang Ing

4. Dadang Hidayat

5. Giovanni

6. Hut Bosco Keung

7. Ibushi Asu

8. Jame Makkeba

9. Junita

10. Jurika Kartika

11. Kevin

12. Linda

13. Marico

14. Melisa

15. Mr William

16. Noke Kiroyan

17. Oki Utomo

18. Peter

19. Regi Aalstad

20. Rinaldi Domika

21. Scott Mirillies

22. Shweta Shukita

23. Simon Louis

24. Sudargo

25. Yoga

26. Yurika

27. Yurike

28. Joseph

29. Joseph P

Related News :

Bomb Exploded In Marriott Hotel and Ritz Carlton Hotel

Bomb Exploded in JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta

Friday, 17 July 2009. The explosion occurred in Regions Mega Kuningan, Jakarta precisely at the Marriot Grand Hotel Lobby. Explosion that occurred in Marriot Hotel exploded at around 7:45 to 7:50 WIB. A restaurant is not far from the explosion source, smithers. Smoke clearly visible comes from the JW Marriot Hotel Lobby. Explosion at the Mega Kuningan area is suspected as a bomb is deliberately diledakkan by terrorists. Not yet clear how many victims of explosion that occurred in the Mega Kuningan area.

The explosion happened in Marriot Hotel Lobby is large enough and the glass building that is building around the JW Marriot. Explosion at the Marriot Hotel is the second time that happened in Marriot Hotel previous GW Marriot hotel had been the terrorist target at 5th August 2003, 150 people injured. According to the news in ANTV second explosion occurred in the Ritz Carlton.

Based on information from ANTV, explosion occurred twice, the first large-scale explosion and a second smaller scale. The first explosion occurred in the JW Marriot and the second occurred in Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Funeral Of Michael Jackson

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson is always the center of attention. After he died, Jacko still dielu hail and communication materials, including a telling case about the gold that is used at the funeral of Michael Jackson.

Gold-plated box was purchased at say U.S. $ 25,000. Chest-plated 14 carat gold is specifically requested by the family of Jacko Batesville Casket Company. Berlapie golden box called the Promethean dominated with blue velvet material. Such as quoted from TMZ, Friday 3 July 2009.

According to the plan, 7 July Jacko future family will hold funeral ceremony to honor the last performers who are phenomenal. The family provides as many as 11 thousand tickets for the Jacko fans who want to witness the burial ceremony the album 'Thriller' it. Tickets will be given for free.

Jacko will be buried at the Staples Center. Say, Jacko will be buried in Forest Lawn cemetery a park in the area of elite Hollywood Hills.