Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Tour 2009 Chelsie vs Inter Milan 2-0

The Match Chelsie vs Inter Milan in the Summer Tour 2009 to the United States, Chelsie dominate the game. Playing without Michael Ballack, Chelsie still playing beautifully. Even at the beginning of the first round, Drogba backlash was lodged in Inter Milan goalpost. 1-0 for Chelsie. Winning 1-0, Chelsie played more aggressive and even created some opportunities. But the position remained 1-0 until the first phase is completed.

Second phase, Chelsie over the field, the back player of Inter Milan desperately to banish the ball from the batsman. In the 50th minute, when crisis occurs in front of the wicket, the ball touched by the back player of Inter Milan and the referee reward prizes kick penalties kick for Chelsie. Penalties kick taken by Frank Lampar and he did it well. 2-0 for Chelsie victory.

After defeat 2-0, Jose Morinho entered striker Ibrahimovic. Inter Milan game quality improved. Two opportunities were created by the Inter Milan players, but Cech worked well. Score does not change until the end of the match. The final score the match Chelsie vs Inter Milan is 2-0.

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