Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Victoria `s Secret Launches Latest Bikini In Los Angeles

Victoria `s Secret launches new bikini model in Los Angeles, United States, recently, labeled Swim trend in 2010 with" Very Sexy ". In 2010 the launch of this bikini, Victoria `s Secret supermodel showing off her bra strap hanging superketat short trousers decorated with a number of accessories.

One of supermodel, Candice, said every woman would want to look sexy on the beach. Mengamini women's desires, Victoria `s Secret creating attractive bikini models. Not only the colors bold, Victoria `s Secret also offers the colors gold and silver.

Celebrating 15 years of playing their role in the lingerie industry, Victoria `s Secret also launched a new bra technology that support women's appearance to look more sexy and confident.

Diego Maradona Bitten By Dog, His Lips Plastic Surgery

Maradona bitten by dog
Buenos Aires, (TVOne)

Football coach Argentine national team, Diego Maradona had the misfortune. Because, Diago Maradona was bitten by a dog of his own. Maradona was bitten on her upper lip, while he was playing with the dog at his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday (29 / 3).

Maradona mouth sores, minor plastic surgery to healing. But no mention, what kind of dog bite the football legend.

The plan on Tuesday (30 / 3) Maradona was able to leave the clinic. Clinic is the same clinic who treated Maradona is experiencing health problems in 2007. (VIVanews)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Knights Will Buy Manchester United (MU)

Red Knights MU
Red Knights seem seriously to take over Manchester United. Manchester United supporters target later in June deadline, to buy the MU. Red Knights ready to disburse funds 1.25 billion pounds, or Rp 17.2 trillion to buy the Red Devils. And MU fans, will become the largest shareholder.

According to the Observer that was launched VIVAnews, about 30 rich members of the Red Knights will be the investors who control United. They are ready to establish a new company that invited fans from around the world to own shares. The proposal is being studied by the financial adviser of the Japanese bank, Nomura.

This acquisition process later, will make MU ownership structure similar to its rival in Spain, Barcelona, which owned by Barca's fans and the profits returned to the club. MU profits now instead be used to pay off large debts belong to the Family Glazers, who bought United in 2005.

Red Knights supported by bankers like Keith Harris and Paul Marshall, founder of financial institutions based in London, Marshall Wace. British newspapers were also mentioned, that some wealthy people in the UK ready to support the Red Knights. Five British private individual ready to invest 10 million pounds, or 137.6 billion rupiahs.

Chelsea chief executive, David Gill, has been supporting the family ownership in the United Glazers. Gill said that there are still a lot of fresh funds to spend in the transfer market, next summer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video Kissing Scene Of Dewi Persik And Indra Brugman On Internet

Dewi Persik Kissing Scene With Indra Brugman
In a video circulating in , Dewi Persik and Indra Brugman looked really enjoy kissing lips that they do. And actually, when she did it, Dewi Persik admitted, she and Indra are equally excited, their heart pounding.

"When we do a kiss scene, both Indra and I excited, because it is the first time (kissing with Indra-red), and we were tempted by another crew," said Dewi detikhot When contacted via phone, Monday (15 / 3 / 2010).

Heartbeat of Indra and Dewi Persik sound when they did kissing scene. They wear clip-on (sort of small mic - red) mounted near the chest, so that the sound of their heartbeat was clear. "So Indra heartbeat sound was clear. Well then, we were tempted by the others," said Dewi.

To do a kiss scene between Dewi Persik and Indra Brugman in 1 minute 10 seconds duration, Dewi Persik claims do not practice kissing before. Moreover, Dewi Persik and Indra had been close friends for long time, so the chemistry was not hard to grow.

"I do not need to exercise, it was not. I want to do kissing scene immediately, so as not many times. But then several times repeated by the director, he said that the feel was not seen yet," she explained.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao vs Yosua Clottey Live Streaming 14th March, 2010

Don't miss the greatest event boxing 2010 Manny Pacquiao vs Yoshua Clottey today 14th March, 2010 09.00 GMT+7. You may watch boxing match between Pacquiao vs Clottey live streaming from Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. What you need to watch the big match between Manny Pacquiao from Philippines and Yosua Clottery from Ghana is computer connected to internet. But it need enough bandwidth about 35kbps to watch live streaming Pacquiao vs Lottery.

The match Manny Pacquiao vs Clottery will be broadcast live in TVOne, one of the best TV Station in Indonesia. The best boxing match will last 12 rounds. For Manny Pacquiao it is be the special event, because after the match Pacquiao will hang his fist gloves.

Click here to watch .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Save the Earth from the Sun Storm

Not only the United States Space Agency (NASA) that can launch a rocket berinisatif to anticipate the effects of sun storms. We also can participate in saving the Earth. How? There are many pages that give you an opportunity to save the world, one of them is

Pages that allow the user to help the scientists find the location of the storm the sun - before causing damage on Earth. This page is built with the cooperation of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Facilitation Council of Science and Technology Laboratory and Rutherford Appleton Zooniverse site.

"When you look directly at the Sun, of course it was too light for my eyes to see properly," said Dr Marek Kukula from the Royal Observatory such as the BBC page loaded. The sun can be observed only with special instruments and telescopes. So far, NASA has monitored the Sun uses two spacecraft called 'Stereo'. Rocket produces an image - an image the Sun's current situation.

However, the amount of outstanding data makes many NASA scientists are not able to analyze the data as detailed as possible. They need the help of Internet users. Stormwatch page users can access 3D images produced by Stereo. However, the user must undergo a brief training on the identification of solar storms. Basic training using a color image of the sun.

If given away, users will be trained to use satellite images of the black Stereo white spots - like a broken TV images. The user also supplied a number of knowledge, including how to distinguish the comet, halo, and dust of the Sun. "Any how small is very important information," added Kukula.

"I've talked to a few scientists involved and they all agree that even if you log on and just observe for a few hours, then get bored and never touch it again - it was all very useful and helpful," he continued.

According to scientists, Chris Davis, will have 100,000 images received from the stereo in the next two and a half years. "We need as many people to examine the data. Therefore, the opinion of its new one opinion," he said, such as the page loaded Storm Watch.

Storm the sun will cause a big explosion that gave billions of tons of matter into space. If it touches the earth, that's when problems occur. Bursts of radiation from the sun can cripple telecommunications system, causing damage and even endanger the life (VIVAnews).

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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Characteristics of Anemia Patients

Do not rush off proudly if you feel you are fairly good health. Therefore, it could be blood deficiency or anemia. Are you an anemia patient? Let's follow the following quiz.

Answer the following questions with a yes or no.

1. Do you feel lack of energy and often feel tired?
2. Does your face look pale?
3. Are there dark circles around the eyes?
4. Does decreased exercise capacity?
5. Are the nails brittle or broken hair?
6. Are you out of breath easily when working a little harder?
7. Do you feel dizzy and ringing in the ears?
8. Do you feel palpitations?
9. Does recent infection often?
10. Does your tongue hurt?
11. Is decreased appetite?
12. Do you eat less than 4 cups of green vegetables every day?
13. Are you a vegetarian?
14. Whether you're dieting to lose weight or repeatedly tried various diets?

If you answered yes to the above 5 questions or more, you may need more iron in your diet. Consult this with your doctor to prove you actually get anemia.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rain Of Fish In Australia, Fish From The Sky

Rain of fish occurred in Lajamanu City for two days. Strange but true incidence of this happening in the city of Lajamanu, Australia. Rain of fish occurred since March 1, 2010 until March 2, 2010. News excited about rain of fish flushed the state of the Northern Territory is the third incident so far. Earlier rain in the city Lajamanu fish occurred in 1974 and 2004. Types of fish that fall with rain are freshwater fish Spangled perch are common in Australia.

This fish rain caused by the storm, so that the fish are sucked up and eventually carried by strong winds and falling in the city of Lajamanu. So the fish from the sky are not alien. This strange and wonderful news can be explained scientifically. In some other countries such as UK, fish rain it had occurred. Visit to see the process rain of fish.