Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Save the Earth from the Sun Storm

Not only the United States Space Agency (NASA) that can launch a rocket berinisatif to anticipate the effects of sun storms. We also can participate in saving the Earth. How? There are many pages that give you an opportunity to save the world, one of them is www.solarstormwatch.com.

Pages that allow the user to help the scientists find the location of the storm the sun - before causing damage on Earth. This page is built with the cooperation of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Facilitation Council of Science and Technology Laboratory and Rutherford Appleton Zooniverse site.

"When you look directly at the Sun, of course it was too light for my eyes to see properly," said Dr Marek Kukula from the Royal Observatory such as the BBC page loaded. The sun can be observed only with special instruments and telescopes. So far, NASA has monitored the Sun uses two spacecraft called 'Stereo'. Rocket produces an image - an image the Sun's current situation.

However, the amount of outstanding data makes many NASA scientists are not able to analyze the data as detailed as possible. They need the help of Internet users. Stormwatch page users can access 3D images produced by Stereo. However, the user must undergo a brief training on the identification of solar storms. Basic training using a color image of the sun.

If given away, users will be trained to use satellite images of the black Stereo white spots - like a broken TV images. The user also supplied a number of knowledge, including how to distinguish the comet, halo, and dust of the Sun. "Any how small is very important information," added Kukula.

"I've talked to a few scientists involved and they all agree that even if you log on and just observe for a few hours, then get bored and never touch it again - it was all very useful and helpful," he continued.

According to scientists, Chris Davis, will have 100,000 images received from the stereo in the next two and a half years. "We need as many people to examine the data. Therefore, the opinion of its new one opinion," he said, such as the page loaded Storm Watch.

Storm the sun will cause a big explosion that gave billions of tons of matter into space. If it touches the earth, that's when problems occur. Bursts of radiation from the sun can cripple telecommunications system, causing damage and even endanger the life (VIVAnews).

Translated from TVOne.co.id

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