Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Knights Will Buy Manchester United (MU)

Red Knights MU
Red Knights seem seriously to take over Manchester United. Manchester United supporters target later in June deadline, to buy the MU. Red Knights ready to disburse funds 1.25 billion pounds, or Rp 17.2 trillion to buy the Red Devils. And MU fans, will become the largest shareholder.

According to the Observer that was launched VIVAnews, about 30 rich members of the Red Knights will be the investors who control United. They are ready to establish a new company that invited fans from around the world to own shares. The proposal is being studied by the financial adviser of the Japanese bank, Nomura.

This acquisition process later, will make MU ownership structure similar to its rival in Spain, Barcelona, which owned by Barca's fans and the profits returned to the club. MU profits now instead be used to pay off large debts belong to the Family Glazers, who bought United in 2005.

Red Knights supported by bankers like Keith Harris and Paul Marshall, founder of financial institutions based in London, Marshall Wace. British newspapers were also mentioned, that some wealthy people in the UK ready to support the Red Knights. Five British private individual ready to invest 10 million pounds, or 137.6 billion rupiahs.

Chelsea chief executive, David Gill, has been supporting the family ownership in the United Glazers. Gill said that there are still a lot of fresh funds to spend in the transfer market, next summer.


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