Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video Kissing Scene Of Dewi Persik And Indra Brugman On Internet

Dewi Persik Kissing Scene With Indra Brugman
In a video circulating in , Dewi Persik and Indra Brugman looked really enjoy kissing lips that they do. And actually, when she did it, Dewi Persik admitted, she and Indra are equally excited, their heart pounding.

"When we do a kiss scene, both Indra and I excited, because it is the first time (kissing with Indra-red), and we were tempted by another crew," said Dewi detikhot When contacted via phone, Monday (15 / 3 / 2010).

Heartbeat of Indra and Dewi Persik sound when they did kissing scene. They wear clip-on (sort of small mic - red) mounted near the chest, so that the sound of their heartbeat was clear. "So Indra heartbeat sound was clear. Well then, we were tempted by the others," said Dewi.

To do a kiss scene between Dewi Persik and Indra Brugman in 1 minute 10 seconds duration, Dewi Persik claims do not practice kissing before. Moreover, Dewi Persik and Indra had been close friends for long time, so the chemistry was not hard to grow.

"I do not need to exercise, it was not. I want to do kissing scene immediately, so as not many times. But then several times repeated by the director, he said that the feel was not seen yet," she explained.

source : http://id.news.yahoo.com


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