Friday, January 14, 2011

AFC Cup 2011 / Asian Cup 2011 Qatar Match Schedule

Below is the schedule match Asian Cup 2011 Qatar / AFC Asian Cup 2011 that held in Qatar. Asian Cup 2011 has been rolling in Qatar since January 7, 2011. In these biennial matches, there are 16 teams from 16 countries are divided into 4 groups namely groups A, B, C and D. Complete schedule of games following the 2011 Asian Cup match until January 14, 2011. Unfortunately none of the countries in Southeast Asia that escaped the 2011 Asian Cup. Indonesia did not qualify for the 2011 Asian Cup, as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vienam, Laos, Philippines, and other countries none of which escaped the 2011 Asian Cup. Here is the schedule of AFC Asian Cup 2011 Qatar.
Group A
17 Jan 2011Qatar vs UzbekistanKhalifa Stadium0:2
28 Jan 2011Kuwait vs Chine PRAl Gharafa Stadium0:2
312 Jan 2011UZBEKISTAN vs KUWAIT Al Gharafa Stadium2:1
412 Jan 2011CHINA PR vs QATARKhalifa Stadium0:2
516 Jan 2011QATAR vs KUWAIT Khalifa Stadium
616 Jan 2011CHINA PR vs UZBEKISTAN Al Ghafara Stadium
Group B
19 Jan 2011JAPAN vs JORDANQatar Sports Club Stadium1:1
29 Jan 2011SAUDI ARABIA vs SYRIAAl-Rayyan Stadium1:2
313 Jan 2011JORDAN vs SAUDI ARABIAAl Rayyan Stadium1:0
413 Jan 2011SYRIA vs JAPANQatar Sports Club Stadium1:2
517 Jan 2011SAUDI ARABIA vs JAPANAl Rayyan Stadium
617 Jan 2011JORDAN vs SYRIAQatar Sports Club Stadium
Group C
110 Jan 2011INDIA vs AUSTRALIAAl Sadd Stadium0:4
210 Jan 2011KOREA REPUBLIC vs BAHRAINAl-Gharafa Stadium2:1
314 Jan 2011AUSTRALIA vs KOREA REPUBLICAl Gharafa Stadium
414 Jan 2011BAHRAIN vs INDIAAl Sadd Stadium
518 Jan 2011KOREA REPUBLIC vs INDIAAl Gharafa Stadium
618 Jan 2011AUSTRALIA vs BAHRAINQatar Sports Club Stadium
Group D
111 Jan 2011DPR KOREA vs UNITED ARAB EMIRATESQatar Sports Club Stadium0:0
211 Jan 2011IRAQ vs I.R. IRANAl-Rayyan Stadium1:2
315 Jan 2011I.R. IRAN vs DPR KOREAQatar Sports Club Stadium
415 Jan 2011UNITED ARAB EMIRATES vs IRAQAl Rayyan Stadium
519 Jan 2011IRAQ vs DPR KOREAAl Rayyan Stadium
619 Jan 2011UNITED ARAB EMIRATES vs I.R. IRANQatar Sports Club Stadium

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Full Horoscope Aries 2011 - Zodiac 2011

Aries horoscope 2011 for you, there are below. But remember, Aries horoscope 2011 is just mere prediction, which would you produce is what you earn. So fight all the ability to achieve the best results in 2011.

Aries horoscope 2011

2011 will be a busy year for you the owner of Aries star. The spirit of Aries rose when compared with the year 2010. Aries can work twice as hard to capture the opportunities that come, careful planning before you act could make things easier for you. It takes a little longer, but your hard work will pay off with tangible results.

The main difficulty Aries in 2011 is on your innate patience a bit low, try to test the character to test your patience. Move on, slow does not matter, what matters is diligent and tenacious, the results you want will materialize and you will be appreciated by many people.

Love horoscope Aries 2011

Relationship Aries 2011 with friends and family can be a little tense, beware of your innate character that is less impatient. Aries have to fight extra in 2011 to maintain your bond with the people around you. Berusahalan to create a strong bond as before.

Financial horoscope Aries 2011

Finance Aries 2011 will stabilize as long as you keep working hard as usual. But, do not impose a futile expenditure ..

Health Aries horoscope 2011

Take care of your health with proper diet and regular exercise, in 2010, Aries has a poor diet and lack of exercise. Set aside time to exercise. Get plenty of rest. With so health Aries will not go up and down. Take care of yourself, and everything can be done.