Friday, July 17, 2009

SBY Condemns The Marriott Bombardment

In his speech responding to bomb explosion at the Marriot hotel, SBY condemns the bombardment in Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Marriott tragedy killed and harm the people who does not sin. This disrupt the economy. Surprising news was delivered in SBY's speech is, political temperature done by the elite politicians in Indonesia cause this tragedy. The atmosphere is likely to trigger a detonation in the Marriott bombing. Even the President also displays photos of the investigation BIN (Badan Intelligent Indonesia), which depicts a group of terrorists who was doing shoot exercise. One of the photos that illustrate the SBY's face to be target of reprisal by terrorists.

SBY in his speech also said that today he got a report from the BIN that says there is a group of people who make a revolution if SBY winning the election, disrupt the election in Indonesia such as in Iran, impose SBY, occupied KPU building at the time of the election result announcements, and there are parties who said SBY should not be appointed to be president of whatever happens. SBY also said that that it is not slander but intellegent results, he said that he has video evidence. SBY also ask for BIN, the TNI and the police to immediately reveal the case of blasting bombs in the Marriott Hotel and Ritz Carlton this morning.

However, SBY did not want to accuse anyone behind the tragedy Marriott, he was asking all parties to thoroughly investigate the case of blasting bombs in the Mega Kuningan area. Cases must be decreased based on the applicable law. And after all was SBY asks for actors and mastermind behind the Marriott bombardment should be punished whoever and whatever political background. Hopefully the truth can be revealed as soon as possible.

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