Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Funeral Of Michael Jackson

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson is always the center of attention. After he died, Jacko still dielu hail and communication materials, including a telling case about the gold that is used at the funeral of Michael Jackson.

Gold-plated box was purchased at say U.S. $ 25,000. Chest-plated 14 carat gold is specifically requested by the family of Jacko Batesville Casket Company. Berlapie golden box called the Promethean dominated with blue velvet material. Such as quoted from TMZ, Friday 3 July 2009.

According to the plan, 7 July Jacko future family will hold funeral ceremony to honor the last performers who are phenomenal. The family provides as many as 11 thousand tickets for the Jacko fans who want to witness the burial ceremony the album 'Thriller' it. Tickets will be given for free.

Jacko will be buried at the Staples Center. Say, Jacko will be buried in Forest Lawn cemetery a park in the area of elite Hollywood Hills.

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