Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mystery of Ibrahim and blasting Bom in the Marriott and Ritz Carlton

Post-bomb explosion at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, Kuningan, Jakarta, a number of people reported missing, including Ibrahim, a florist in Ritz-Carlton. Some florist also be examined as a witness to know the impressions of Ibrahim. Indonesian police say, it is not possible the bomb built inside the hotel. Few or many, it must have the role of the hotel employees.

While the allegations, the employee involved is Ibrahim, a florist who works part time at the Ritz Carlton. Police suspicious because Ibrahim disappeared after the bomb detonation in the Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Through CCTV cameras, when the bomb exploded, he was there. He initially suspected as the blasting, but after the DNA tests of all the victims, there is no one to match him. Police concluded he not died at this time, but in a hiding place. Ibrahim's family said that they did not know of the existence of him now.

At home in the Village Sempora, District Cilimus, Kuningan District, journalists can only meet the wife of Ibrahim and his children. The wife is also worried and nervous because the husband no news since two bombs in the five-star hotel. Ibrahim's wife, met him last July 13 when Ibrahim went to Jakarta for work. He worked as a florist company in the interest of coupling hired Ritz-Carlton. Indeed, he always went home two weeks to Kuningan. then investigate a small house in Cililitan, Jakarta. He ever lived with his parents in the house. After marriage with the Suci, he also had lived in this house. Some children also said to be born in this house. Some of Ibrahim's son were born in this house. But the house is disordered. House painted white that is loaded with the spider nest is empty since 2007. Police say had a rifle this house two days ago. He really is not detected again in this house.

Some of the mystery in this house appears. There are two sentences in Arabic calligraphy on the wall. The note is actually normal for people who have been studying in the pesantren, or those who are obedient worship. However, the 'motto jihad' that can be defined by the police or other people. At home there is also a picture of two-storeyed building is described as a burn. There is also a T-shirt with a Ritz-Carlton swing. Somehow what the purpose of all this.

So where is Ibrahim? Still mysterious. Because this is mysterious, there are already allegations of Ibrahim is in the hands of police. If the issue is true, what reason he secured the police?

The loss of Ibrahim still question to this day. Ordinary people have known, when there is someone who suddenly disappeared after a bomb explosion, he could be secured for the purposes of police investigations. And the police will not publish it until the investigation is completed. Does he have such a habit as it is suspected that as people involved in?

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