Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RI Government Steps to The Issue of T-Shirt Studded Eagle Armani Exchange

Related with T-Shirt Armani Exchange Studded Eagle, the Government had never patented the state symbols, so that according to members of the Government Commission House of Representatives, Ferry Mursyidan Baldan, problems in the use of the emblem of Garuda jersey Giorgio Armani fashion house can not be solved by legal approach.

"Our position is weak because the emblem of Garuda is not patented. It's better using political approach," he said. The government, he said, must take a role in this matter, so that society will not be provoked and to overreact.

underwear union jackSimple steps the government could do is to send ambassador to go to the company and ask the motives behind the use of the emblem of Garuda. "If only the picture, that's okay, it was not an insult," said Ferry. "Coat of arms of the Union Jack (British flag) used for underwear."

Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Patrialis Akbar said earlier there is an element of Garuda emblem patent rights. Therefore, he would summon the Director General of Intellectual Property and asked to learn about it.


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