Friday, January 8, 2010

110 Transvestites In Cimahi Detected HIV-infected

110 transvestites in the Cimahi, West Java, expressed detectable disease HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), two died during 2009.

Superintendent of Permanent Secretariat Program National AIDS Commission (NAC) Cimahi, Afizah, on Friday, said the number of transgenders who HIV-AIDS infected have the same amount with the number of transsexual community in Cimahi.

"This number, could be increase because not all transvestites register himself to us," Afizah said. He explains, with a large number of transvestites who are decease HIV-AIDS in Cimahi will affect the level of HIV AIDS in West Java.

Afizah say, KPA and Health Department always work together with transvestites for the prevention of HIV disease spread AIDS with STI checks (sexually transmitted infection) and VCT (Voluntary Conseling and Testing).

Meanwhile, Field Officer of the Foundation Heroine Pioneers (Association Waria) Imelda Dahlia (24), said, as many as 20 people in the city transvestites Cimahi it has become the pilot project and BMI checks are conducted VCT Cimahi KPA before. Imelda said, all transvestites who became the pilot project and VCT BMI checks are not infected by HIV AIDS virus.

"So far 20 people have been examined and the results are negative, with the entrance of 20 transsexual friend in the pilot project is expected they are not infected with HIV AIDS virus," he said.

Imelda explained, there are four other cities Sukabumi, Indramayu, Bekasi and Kota Cimahi is also implementing a pilot project program checks 20 people transsexual.

Because of the transvestites have high risk for contracting HIV AIDS, the examination of BMI and VCT for transvestites should be done every six months to two months.

"We realize that the risk of HIV AIDS for transvestites were high, so inspection and BMI VCT conducted two months, those programs are free." Imelda said.

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