Thursday, December 31, 2009

Abdurrahman Wahid / Gusdur Died On December 30, 2009

Former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid or known as Gusdur, died of complications from heart disease, diabetes and some other diseases. Gusdur died on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 18:40 wib in RSCM. Gusdur die world as SBY to visit the likes of humor. Wahid condition worsened after sugar decreases, the family immediately took him to the RSCM on December 25, 2009, his condition had improved after receiving medical treatment, but on December 30 last, Gusdur lives could be saved.

During his life, Gusdur known as the man who likes to criticize through humor, jokes fresh. Through his intelligence and humor, makes Gusdur easy to socialize with world leaders. Gusdur also known as a controversial figure, there was a figure that say ' there are only two things that we do not know, first, when we die, and second, what does Gusdur want.

Gusdur is the fourth president of Indonesia in 2004, actually the winner of the Indonesian party election 2004 is PDIP, so Megawati should be a president, but through the central axis Gusdur who eventually became president, and Megawati became his vice. However, Gusdur only become president for a few moments, his position as a President should be replaced by Megawati, also with no apparent reason.

Gusdur also a very influential figure, especially among the NU community. He has served as chairman of the NU. Thought Gusdur a historical figure Indonesia, although some thought of Gusdur caused controversy. His life was coloring Indonesian history.

Goodbye Gusdur.


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