Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Education For Asia Africa

Until recently, people in many parts of Asia and Africa lived mainly from the land. They had little need or opportunity o learn, to read and to write. This situation has changed as the nations have begun to develop industrially. Children growing up in these nations today have a need for education. They also have a right to education. In 1948 the United Nations declared that this right is one of the fundamental rights of all human beings.

But many problems must be solved before every boy and girl in the world can be taught to read and write. One of the most serious problems is the lack of teachers. In some rural areas, teachers are badly needed, but the life is hard and lonely. Teachers prefer teaching in the cities.

Sometimes there is a special need for teachers of particular subjects. In Africa, for example, there is a great shortage of teachers of science, mathematics, English and French.

In many of the newly formed countries, educated people cannot be spared to teach. They are called on to serve their governments.

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