Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arsenal vs Everton Score 2-2 English Premier League

Soccer match between Arsenal vs Everton in the English Premier League ended with the score 2-2. Arsenal could miss as much as 2 times. In the first part-time through Leon Osman in the 12th minute. But Arsenal managed to equalize through Denilson. He kicked the ball on the Everton defender so deceive the goalkeeper.

In the second half, Everton more survive. Meanwhile, Arsenal kept attacking Everton defense. But things just turned around when a counterattack Everton, through Steven Pienaar who escaped the offside trap, he went to the Arsenal defense and no one Arsenal player who escorted him. With a slick, Pienaar can outwit Arsenal goalkeeper. Score became 2-1.

At the time injured Tomas Rosicky became the hero for Arsenal. Rosicky scored dramatically before the referee finally ended the match. The final result Arsenal vs Everton Scored 2-2. With the score 2-2, Arsenal failed to equate the MU points.

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