Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Refused to China's Censorship

In order to maintain 'security', China censors search results of the most popular search engines, Google and China are at loggerheads and unstoppable again. Google finally decided to leave from China. From the business side of the decision to leave China, it will hurt Google's side. There are almost 500,000 users in China who use Google every day. But Google did not like the censorship of Google search results made in China. Google is the leading 'internet free', so they do not want their search results influenced or controlled by other parties.

China itself is currently doing a lot of changes in technology. One of them in terms of the internet. A few days ago China arrested thousands of people who caught browsing porn sites. China also has close access to thousands of websites whose content considered harmful to China, including sites that smelled of pornography.

The development of China's very rapid. Surely a little more to make Americans afraid. America does not want its dominance in the world as a superpower, unrivaled by any country. From the flight to the moon, to imitate a variety of products such as automotive, toys, household, until the goods insignificantly, China can do it.

Is there a relationship 'departure Google from China' with political elements between the two countries? Hmmm .. not ruled.

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