Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eva Mendez Naked in an ad Calvin Klein, Secret Obsession

Actress Eva Mendez appear naked in an ad products Perfume Calvin Klein, Secret Obsession. But, be 32-second ad is prohibited on all television networks in the United States. Eva's appearance in the ads were too obsess.

In the ad, appearing topless Eva on the couch with the aura that is quite seduce. "I like it. That's because the ads of Calvin, is very provocative and slightly controversial", said Eva Mendez.

"In the ad, you will see me roll on the bed. Basically, all that I do indeed, "he said.

Honest, more Eva, he enjoys himself when he felt very feminine. "I like the dress or skirt wear wear trousers rather than jeans," he said "I think, that makes women feel sexy is a sense of trust himself," augment him. (

Here is the controversial video of Eva Mendez in an ad Perfume Calvin Klein, Secret Obession.

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