Monday, August 24, 2009

Malaysia Claimed Pendet Dance as Traditional Dances

Malaysia claimed Pendet dance as traditional dances. In an ad visit Malaysia, they display Pendet dance. Cultural Indonesia became furious. A year ago Malaysia claimed Reog dance from Ponorogo Indonesia as Malaysian traditional dances. In fact, Reog dance is an Indonesian traditional dances. But Malaysia patented reog dance as its.

Pendet Indonesia is a traditional dance
that grew and developed in Bali since thousands of years ago. Initially this dance is a dance of worship gods. Then in 1950 along with President Soekarno, cultural Bali change Pendet dance as a national dance. Now, Pendet dance used to accept guests in hotels in Bali.

The Indonesian government has send a protest to Malaysia goverment. If Malaysia did not respond to this protest, Indonesia will bring this case to the law. Indonesia will take the Pendet case to the Court International.

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Anonymous said...

Re. Pendet dance
To my fellow malaysian, before u claim something is yours, could u please tell us about the history, meaning etc... of thing that u thought is yours.
Open ur eyes, look for your own identity don't take others!!