Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Messi Hat Trick Barcelona Vs Arsenal Second Leg

Messi made a hat trick as the football match between Arsenal FC vs. FC Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Arsenal had initially 1-0 in minute 18, but one minute later Messi change the score to 1-1 through a hard kick from outside the penalty box. It only took 4 minutes, Messi made a second goal after the ball rebounding advantage.

Not satisfied with two goals, Messi made a hat trick after the escape of some of Arsenal defender. With nimble movements, Messi managed to deceive the goalkeeper and score became 3-1 for the excellence of Barcelona. This is truly remarkable acquisition. Barcelona are playing without Ibrahimovic, Henry and Iniesta managed to make 3 goals in the first round. In addition Charlos Puyol also can not play defense Barcelona because a red card against Arsenal in the first leg ended with the score 2-2 ..

Currently the game between Barcelona and Arsenal are still underway for the second round, we're still waiting, if Messi successfully added purse goal in the second round?

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