Friday, February 12, 2010

The United States Embassy Held a Fan Contest On Facebook And Twitter

United States Embassy in Jakarta held a competition for the 30,000 Facebook fans of the U.S. Embassy to seek the greatest fans ahead of President Barack Obama's Arrival In Indonesia.

This competition aims to find who the serious fans of Barack Obama through the U.S. Embassy fan pages, encouraging the fans to promote and inform their friends all about the activities of U.S. Embassy, by including the status tag "@ U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia".

The competition begins on February 12 until March 12, 2010, and the participants a chance to win a sophisticated electronic device, a book about the United States, and items bearing the U.S. Embassy.

Microsoft and Starbucks donated prizes for this competition, including smart phones Samsung Omnia Pro B-7320, MS Office 2007 and Lifecam Cinema software, and a voucher for coffee at 75 Starbucks stores across Indonesia.

U.S. Embassy Jakarta fans create pages on Facebook, in January 2009, and it is the first embassy in Indonesia, which has a Facebook. U.S. Embassy Facebook page displays unique content, including a preview of radio and television programs produced by the U.S. Embassy, a collection of photographs of batik, and American tourist video.

This fan page is also regularly conduct special contests for fans to win tickets to cultural events and activities of the United States. This fan page is a first media used by U.S. Embassy to announced the information about President Obama's arrival in Indonesia next mid-March, hours before the information is officially distributed to the press.

U.S. Embassy also use other online technologies to connect directly with the citizens of Indonesia, including the official page, Twitter account, YouTube with more than 300 videos, and visa systems online.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Embassy in or follow us on Twitter


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