Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Oldest People In The World Ever, Li Ching-yun

This is a story ever published by Time Magazine. A citizen in Szechwan, China named Li Ching-yun is the oldest living human being ever recorded in history. Until now, the oldest man in the worldno one beat the record of Li Ching-yun as the oldest people in the world who ever lived. Until death, the oldest man in the world, Li Ching-yun never experienced severe pain.

According to news broadcast by Time magazine, Li Ching-yun died at 256 years old. When asked what the secret of longevity, then Li Ching-yun has a few recipes, including:

- Prioritizing Consuming plants (vegetables) / Be vegetarian
- Drinking Sake to taste
- Let your heart keep calm
- Sit down like a turtle
- Walk Like Punai spry, and
- Sleep like a dog

Li Ching-yun during the lifetime has 23 wives and 60 children. Li Ching-yun, died after having offspring at generation 12. Amazing.

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