Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AFF Cup 2010 final match Indonesia vs Malaysia

AFF Cup final between Indonesia vs Malaysia uses 'home away' system. Schedule AFF Cup final first leg will be held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Malaysia on December 26, 2010. According to observers football, AFF Cup final match between Indonesia and Malaysia will be very fierce. ndeed, Malaysia has been lost by a landslide Indonesian national team by a score of 5-1 in the group A some time ago. But at that moment, some Malaysian national team's core players are injured and unable to perform at the match, while in the AFF Cup finals, the Malaysian national team players have recovered, this needs to be aware of the Indonesian national team players.

Meanwhile, three Indonesian national team player who holds the important role that the Firman Utina, Okto Maniani and Irfan Bachdim was injured dab still uncertain whether all three can perform in the final fight AFF Cup 2010. In addition, several other players who are not injured, was getting a yellow card. They are Eloco Cristian Gonzalez, Mohamad Ridwan and Okto Maniani. They should be careful when competing at Bukit Jalil Stadium, if they get a card accumulation, this will cause them not to compete at AFF Cup Final match second leg will be held at Bung Karno on December 29, 2010.

Malaysia national team coach, Raja Gopal in an interview on TVOne said they would steal the points in the final match at home to their first leg with a 1-0 win over Indonesia. Alfred Riedl itself in the same occasion said that the final match against Malaysia is a different matter with the match Indonesia vs Malaysia in the preliminary round group A. Riedl did not want to predict the number of goals in the game, but he was optimistic that victory will be achieved by the Indonesian national team.

Indonesia's national team has become a strong and solid team. This proved to play 5 times in a row without ever losing. This is a separate record for Indonesia. Support the people of Indonesia for the national team is also very unusual. Hopefully both of these can lead to the spirit of the Indonesian national team to victory in the final fight AFF Cup 2010. When Indonesia won, Indonesia became the king of ASEAN.

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