Monday, November 8, 2010

Liverpool vs Chelsie, Torres Makes 2 Goals (2-0)

Liverpool vs Chelsea Scored 2-0, 8/11/2010

LIVERPOOL - Persistence The Reds, who had stumbled on the verge of relegation until the ninth game, finally got up. After reap victory in two previous matches, Steven Gerrard cs return to continue the positive trend. Unmitigated they beat Chelsea 2-0.

Fernando Torres, whose appearance is considered degenerate at the beginning of the season, performed brilliantly as a decisive victory. Spanish striker who had been accused of starting this barren scored two goals. With this result the Reds firmly in the middle of the board with 15 points.

In minute 11, Fernando Torres to sneak in the back row Chelsea welcomes feedback gastric Dirk Kuyt sent from midfield. Torres successfully control the ball and took it to the mouth of goalkeeper Petr Cech. Though taped Chelsea defender, Torres managed to direct the ball into the net at once beguiling Petr Cech.

One minute before the break, Torres scored the second goal against Chelsea. With clever, Torres fired a low shot to the far post. Petr Cech did not move without being able to do anything other than seeing the ball rattled off his net. Position 2-0 last until halftime.

In the second half, Chelsea input three players, Didier Drogba on 46 minutes replacing Kalou, Jose Bosingwa in the 70th minute to replace Ivanovic and Sturridge in minute 76 to replace Zhirkov.

The entry of Drogba to make the Blues more aggressive attack. Horizontal bait to Malouda on 66 minutes only to be a golden opportunity without being able to change things. Until the end of the second half, Liverpool winning 2-0 over Chelsea with a total of 15 points.

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