Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marcella Zalianty Free From The Prison

Mercella Zalianty finally free from prison. After about 6 months Marsella finally can breathe fresh air. Meet the press earlier in the morning at 8, Marsella look fresh and have not seen the burden. Marsela but still has not been relieved because the Court has entered the trap to appeal Marsella.

Marcella Zalianty's family confess happy and have many things planned after Marsella from prison. There are pray together, and also in the near future they will pay a visit to the orphanage as an expression of gratitude. It was difficult to restore that reputation. Prison's ex who is now attached to it is difficult to be erased. Sexy Artist descent Chinese - Bataks said that she will do the best in the next time and learn from the past. It is also a result of work hard of Mascella's lawyer, Hotman Sitompul.

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